well having my first breakdown of grad school, I am sitting in my office, alone in a puddle of tears.

I wish I could just quick, go back home (home home, not student home) and curl up in a ball with a ton of food and never have to deal with anything.

Its all about this one stats course, the ‘intro’ (grad) course which goes over everything at rocket speed and the prof keeps telling us this is review and that we should know it already. Only problem is I don’t know it. Any of it. When I asked if he would be providing how he got his answers his response was “no, it should all be review”. Well its not, and I can’t get the answers by doing it myself, and Yes, I have tried googleling and youtubing it.

Guess I am going to have to drop it- I mean this is the review part that I cant figure out. What will it mean when I get to the hard stuff???